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What Is PHP?

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If you are researching what PHP is, you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder or other mental health illness and needs help. This program aids those who need support as they transition from residential treatment to an outpatient program and begin living at home or in a sober living community. Those who continue with outpatient treatment after a residential program will experience fewer risks of relapse and can continue working with a therapist and their peers on building a healthy and sober lifestyle.

At GRC, we are a fully accredited outpatient treatment center that welcomes Pennsylvanians who want help breaking their addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, or other dangerous substances. Our programs are centered around each client’s unique symptoms and the cause behind the abuse. Therapists spend time discussing family history and personal experiences to understand the reasons for the disorder and create an effective strategy for managing symptoms and triggers. To discuss our partial hospitalization program in PA, call 888.341.2524 to speak with our compassionate team.

What Is PHP?

Addiction recovery is a complex process that is different for each person. Some people can develop an intense substance use disorder with symptoms and cravings that make it impossible to quit without 24/7 support from a professional care team. Others may experience less intense symptoms and can keep up with work, school, or personal responsibilities while they work on their recovery.

A parietal hospitalization program (PHP) is a short-term outpatient program that supports clients while they transition from a full-time residential program to outpatient treatment and living at home. To reach this stage of the recovery process, clients must:

  • Have a stable, substance-free home
  • A strong desire to continue their recovery and enroll in outpatient therapy programs
  • An ability to abstain from substance abuse with minimal supervision
  • Are not at risk of harming themselves or others

A partial hospitalization program typically lasts for up to two weeks as the person moves back home. If they don’t have a stable home to return to, there are sober living communities available. These communities give them time to find a new home or work with their family to create a safe space at their existing home.

At Gemini Recovery, we provide individuals with comprehensive outpatient programs to continue their recovery in a safe environment that is conducive to healing and recovery. Our team has experience working with people from all walks of life and understands the complexities of treating all aspects of the disorder.

What to Expect From a Partial Hospitalization Program

After completing a residential treatment program, the risk of relapse is not over. Many people continue to struggle with relapse long past completing a residential program unless they continue working with a therapist and their peers in outpatient and aftercare therapy programs.

Here is what you can expect after enrolling in a partial hospitalization program:

  • On day one, you will work with a professional team who will run a full health assessment to determine the best course of action to treat addiction. This will allow them to develop a treatment plan that includes behavioral and holistic therapies, along with medical support if necessary.
  • For clients with lingering symptoms, medical staff will administer medications and monitor each person for any adverse effects.
  • You will work with a behavioral therapist in private sessions to uncover the root cause of the addiction and begin replacing negative behaviors, developing healthy coping skills, and learning how to be a better communicator.
  • During group therapy sessions, you will participate in group discussions, role-playing games, and other holistic activities to improve coping skills and develop healthy relationships with your peers.
  • Families will also have a chance to participate in group family discussions to resolve any lingering conflicts and teach them how to create a stable and supportive home environment.

Addiction is a treatable mental health condition where symptoms and triggers can reappear at any time. The best way to beat the addiction is through therapy sessions where you can talk about the reasons behind the abuse and learn to manage symptoms and triggers naturally.

Call Gemini Recovery Today

What is PHP, and how can it benefit your recovery? At GRC, we will discuss all aspects of your treatment program with you so you know what to expect from the experience.  PHP can help those who are ready to rejoin society after completing a residential program and assist them while transitioning to their home or sober living community. This is an important step in the recovery process and can greatly reduce the risks of relapse.

To see if our partial hospitalization program is right for you or a loved one, call 888.341.2524 or reach out online today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.