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Benefits of Group Therapy for You or a Loved One

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Opening up to your peers about complex problems like addiction and depression can be very beneficial to your future health and well-being. Group therapy benefits include working through complex issues with advice from your peers that comes from personal experiences. Sharing your struggles with your peers is an excellent way to process those feelings and emotions that are causing a major disruption in your daily life. Those who participate in group therapy are more likely to develop the skills and confidence necessary to handle all of life’s stresses and complexities.

At Gemini Recovery, we provide private and group therapy sessions led by experienced therapists who dedicate themselves to your health and well-being. Our welcoming facility is available for you or a loved one to come and spend time working on improving their mental health. Our programs are tailored to each client’s unique symptoms and will include a mix of behavioral and person-centered therapies. We also include medication-assisted treatment to aid those with more severe symptoms. To learn more about our group therapy in PA, pick up the phone and call 888.341.2524 today to start a conversation about improving your mental health.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is an essential part of an all-encompassing treatment program that utilizes psychotherapy to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other treatable mental health disorders. When combined with private therapy, it creates a more effective recovery experience and increases a person’s chances of reaching their therapy goals.

Clients who work directly with their peers in a supervised group therapy setting can participate in a number of beneficial activities, such as:

  • Group discussions
  • Role-playing games
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Gratitude exercises
  • Nature hikes
  • Music therapy/creative self-expression
  • Animal-assisted therapy

Talking with others about common issues is a great way to work through a variety of problems and something that our society is starting to embrace. According to the American Psychological Association, psychologists are reporting a 64% increase in people attending group therapy.

 At GRC, our clients participate in private and group therapy sessions through outpatient treatment programs at our discreet facility in Scranton. Our therapists have experience treating all kinds of mental health disorders and take the time to build a close relationship with each client to assist them with their recovery.

Five Group Therapy Benefits

Despite what many people grew up believing, talking with others about common struggles is very beneficial to their mental health and overall well-being

. Here are five group therapy benefits that you can experience when participating in a mental health treatment program:

  1. A better understanding of mental health – Mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are extremely common in the U.S. and very treatable. Group therapy allows clients to see how these disorders affect all people, no matter their religion, income, race, or personal beliefs.
  1. Improves coping and communication skills – Through role-playing games, group discussions, and other activities, clients will hone their coping skills and learn how to be effective communicators. This includes learning how to listen to what others are saying and respond appropriately. Through better communication, people can learn more about themselves and those around them.
  1. Develop strong peer relationships – One of the best group therapy benefits includes building healthy relationships with your peers who are going through similar struggles. Relationships built on a shared struggle are very strong and can help you through difficult and stressful times.
  1. Increases confidence and self-esteem – Mental health disorders have a way of killing your self-esteem and confidence and can fill your head with doubt and uncertainty. Talking with your peers in group therapy and participating in group activities can increase confidence in managing symptoms and triggers. It can also improve your self-esteem and overall happiness as you see how others are coping with similar struggles and surviving.
  1. Builds other healthy life skills – Another benefit of group therapy is it can teach clients a number of healthy life skills, like creative self-expression, nutrition education, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. These skills allow men and women to build a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness and improved mental health.

These are just a few of the group therapy benefits that you can experience through a mental health treatment program. Those who participate in group therapy and continue practicing the skills they learn will find they can confidently handle all of life’s stresses without experiencing a return of their symptoms.

Gemini Recovery: Speak to a Team Member About Group Therapy in PA

At Gemini Recovery, we understand the value of group therapy and how it can greatly increase your chances of getting control of your life back. When you arrive at our private facility, we will run a full health assessment to determine the best course of action to treat all symptoms of the disorder. Our group and private therapy sessions include behavioral and holistic therapies, along with medical support, to ease severe symptoms.

If you would like more information about our group therapy benefits, send us a message online or call 888.341.2524 today to speak with one of our compassionate team members.