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How Can Family Therapy Help Me?

a person talks to a group about how family therapy helps

Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When someone is struggling with addiction, its effects can be felt not just by the person but by their loved ones and everyone in their household. Substance abuse is a family disease that can wreak havoc on the lives of everyone in the family. This is the reason for the inclusion of family therapy in Pennsylvania at Gemini Recovery’s addiction treatment programs.

Gemini Recovery is an addiction rehab center that offers family therapy as part of their treatment programs. We are committed to providing clients and their families with the right guidance and support as they try to recover from substance abuse. Through treatment interventions and therapy, clients can achieve holistic healing and genuine recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse in the family, contact us at 888.341.2524 to learn how we can help.

What Is Family Therapy?

Having a family member struggling with addiction can put the rest of the family under a large amount of stress. Substance abuse can cause disruptions in routines, strain on relationships and finances, and may even cause unsettling or frightening experiences. Due to this, the family unit may become dysfunctional, which can further worsen the addiction and any destructive behaviors it may be causing.

Family therapy or family counseling refers to interventions that deal with family-level approaches and involvement. With the guidance of a therapist, family members are encouraged to resolve conflict and to express and process their feelings in order to improve communication skills and develop healthier family dynamics.

In family therapy for substance abuse, therapy sessions are typically centered around the following topics:

  • Learning about addiction as a disease and the underlying reasons that contribute to it, such as mental health conditions or trauma.
  • Understanding why it is not possible for someone to easily quit an addiction due to the physical and mental dependence that has formed.
  • Finding respectful and productive ways to resolve conflicts and disagreements between family members.
  • Developing healthier strategies for dealing with stressful situations within the family unit.
  • Identifying and avoiding behaviors that are enabling the family member’s addiction.
  • Learning about family dynamics and any negative feelings or behaviors that may be tied to them.
  • The importance of self-care and how it is helpful both for the caregiver and the addicted family member.

A strong family support system can be instrumental to someone’s long-term sobriety. Through family therapy, all members can learn how to build a proper support structure that can mutually benefit all members.

How Can Family Therapy Help in Addiction Treatment?

While family therapy does help address and resolve issues that addiction may have caused, it can also be beneficial to the treatment of the addiction itself. The various ways in which family therapy can support addiction treatment are:

  • Having loved ones engaged in family therapy demonstrates that they are supportive of addiction treatment and can be a source of care and support after the treatment program has concluded.
  • Clients who have strong familial support groups are more likely to stay in treatment and often display increased motivation.
  • Improved communication skills that are learned in family therapy can be applied in other areas of their lives.
  • Feelings of stress, shame, and confusion are eased through learning about addiction as a disease, easing emotions, and allowing the addicted family member to focus fully on recovery.
  • Underlying mental health issues may be discovered in family therapy, allowing the client to receive the proper dual diagnosis treatment, which can lead to a higher chance of successful recovery.

Through family therapy, clients struggling with addiction can have a safe space to work through issues with their families.

Find Family Therapy in PA

Battling addiction is never easy, especially for affected families. With the proper support and guidance provided by Gemini Recovery, family members can learn how to support their loved ones as they work on their sobriety. If your family is struggling with an addiction, contact us at 888.341.2524 to learn more about how we can help.