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3 Benefits of Music Therapy

a therapist talks with a group about music therapy benefits

Music is all around daily activities and has been shown to be a powerful tool that can elicit emotions in those that hear it. Music can make people happy, sad, or feel energized and motivated. In this sense, music can be therapeutic. Because of this, music can be used in therapy as an alternative treatment in various addiction recovery programs. Trusted centers like Gemini Recovery offer treatments such as music therapy in Pennsylvania.

At Gemini Recovery, we believe that therapy is integral to holistic healing and genuine recovery. Our compassionate team of experienced addiction specialists offers a wide variety of programs and therapies that ensure that every client has the best chance at successful recovery and lifelong sobriety. If you believe that you or a loved one can benefit from music therapy or other forms of alternative therapy, contact us at 888.341.2524 to learn more about what we can offer.

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a kind of treatment in which a music therapist uses music in order to help a group or an individual to manage physical, emotional, or cognitive issues. Therapy sessions may involve creating, listening to, singing with, or moving to music. There are many various types of music therapy, but all are typically based on these two fundamental methods:

  • The receptive method focuses on listening to or discussing music, either live or pre-recorded, as a relaxation or analytical exercise. These kinds of treatments can be used to treat anxiety or depression.
  • The active method involves singing or playing musical instruments, writing lyrics, or developing choreography.

In a music therapy session, participants are encouraged to express themselves through music. This kind of therapy helps to reduce stress, enhance well-being, open lines of communication, and provide a distraction from unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Music therapy can also help clients undergoing addiction treatment to identify and articulate their emotions, feel a sense of accomplishment, build connections, and achieve relaxation.

3 Ways Music Therapy Benefits Addiction Recovery

Music can be therapeutic for most people, even those that aren’t in addiction recovery. When used in a substance abuse treatment program, music can be a powerful tool that can provide many benefits to clients in therapy. The three most notable benefits are:

  1. Music therapy can help clients to cope with negative emotions. When someone is struggling with addiction, there can be many overwhelming negative emotions such as shame, guilt, or hopelessness. Listening to music can bring someone into a meditative state, allowing them to feel more relaxed and calm. Music can also provide a non-threatening opportunity to connect or communicate with the therapist or other participants.
  2. Music can be a powerful tool for self-expression. Some clients in recovery can have difficulty verbalizing unpleasant memories, thoughts, or emotions, especially if some sort of trauma is involved. Music therapy can allow these clients to safely explore and express their emotions, which is highly beneficial to long-term recovery.
  3. Participating in music therapy can improve self-esteem. Learning a new instrument or completing a new song can give clients a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Participating in group music therapy can also provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie and can improve openness in interpersonal relationships. The confidence that these experiences provide can be helpful in other areas, such as decision-making or coping with cravings.

Apart from these three major benefits, music has also been shown to improve mental and physical health by improving concentration, promoting good sleep, and boosting the immune system. Music can also trigger nostalgia and positive memories, which can improve someone’s mood.

Gemini Recovery Offers Music Therapy in Pennsylvania

At Gemini Recovery, we believe that genuine recovery is possible with the right guidance and support. Through our wide variety of treatments and therapies, we provide our clients with the best chance at lifelong sobriety and a healthier future. If you are looking for music therapy as part of your addiction treatment program, contact us at 888.341.2524 today.